3Red's name came about in a simple way. When our founder, Igor, decided to form a new trading company, he realized that it needed a name. Igor looked around the room for inspiration and saw three red chairs. Since "Three Red Chairs" doesn't quite fit as a name for a trading company, it was shortened to "3Red". 

Igor started 3Red with a vision of bringing the best together to compete in the markets. He wanted to build a trading firm that he would want to work at. He didn't sit down with a business plan and think for hours on the perfect name; he cares about the talent that makes up 3Red. We are here to build a trading company that is the kind of place where people with shared interests can come to create and constantly improve. At 3Red, we carefully choose who we hire based on raw talent and culture fit.Our team is much like a large family. We share many of the same interests in and outside of work and we are all here to help each other succeed.