One effort. One vision.

3Red Partners is built around exceptional technology and cutting-edge research. We bring the most intelligent, driven and curious minds from the industry together to collaborate and solve quantitative and technical problems.


Managing Partner

George brings trading, Machine Learning and technology together at 3Red Partners by providing in-depth knowledge, new trading ideas, leadership and a future direction for the firm.

He has spent more than a decade building and applying global strategies at Tower Research Capital and Sun Trading in Equities, Futures and Fixed Income. He’s applied his business acumen, and quantitative expertise throughout his career.

George joined 3Red Partners to grow and build the firm for the future.


Managing Partner

Igor spent more than a decade as a successful futures trader, before setting out to create the ideal trading environment: one of collaboration between the most curious, brilliant and motivated quantitative and technical minds.

Igor continues to compete and trade in the markets daily, leveraging the ever evolving environment that has been created at 3Red Partners. Igor employs his unique understanding of the markets and the trading industry as a whole, in collaborating on the strategic vision of the firm.